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What I love most about Carlsbad By The Sea is I can be myself. I’m living safe and secure. I’m free of worry with no responsibility. All that’s off my shoulders and I can just be me. – Corinne Sawyer

I think the one thing that surprised me most about Carlsbad By The Sea is how quickly we found ourselves becoming part of a family. The people here are amazing. They have all had wonderful careers. They are people that do things. They live. And they have lived before and they are continuing to live now. And we find ourselves really a part of it and love it. – Jim Bates

What I love most about Carlsbad By The Sea is location. And I can’t say location any better than I can say location. I don’t know of any resort area, or any place of living, that has such the variety that you have here at Carlsbad By The Sea. Within a block this way, a block that way or a block another way – it’s fantastic. – Ann Wilner